Jefferson Township Republicans Elect Morris County’s first Transgender municipal chair



JEFFERSON, NJ – The Jefferson Township Republican Municipal Committee held a reorganization meeting where members of county committee unanimously elected the organization’s first transgender chairperson. Jade Kohut, 27 years old, had been serving the local party as their chairperson for two years before recently disclosing to the members that she had been undergoing gender transition treatments during that period.

When asked about the election, Jade had this to say;

“You’re never quite sure how people will react, but the Jefferson Republicans told me frankly that if I continued to do a good job, they would continue to vote for me.”

When asked how this election might affect the Republican Party in Morris County, Jade answered,

“I don’t think it changes anything. The Morris GOP has always embraced diversity and different perspectives.”

Jade has lived in Jefferson Township since age 8 and at one point attempted to start the town’s first ever Pawn Shop. Now, she is launching a new enterprise as an online retailer of survival gear and country themed products. You can find out more about Jade on twitter @Jade3552

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