Kia Could Easily Make A Pretty Pickup Truck


Enter the Kia Seltos. Designer Kleber Silva of Brazil recently reimagined Kia’s hot new compact crossover as a practical, cosmopolitan lifestyle truck fit for US consumption, with four doors, a generous cabin, and a short pickup bed perfect for hauling your average-sized Ikea furniture piece. The C-pillar is all-new, but otherwise, most everything present – from the grille, to the headlights and taillamps, to the front and rear skid plates – has been borrowed straight from the production Seltos.

Were Kia ever to produce a vehicle like this – and to be clear, there’s no indication as of yet that the automaker views it as an option – it might just emerge into a market flush with competition. Both FCA and Ford are thought to be considering bringing unibody lifestyle trucks to the US.

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