Kids Cook takes virtual field trip to Boss Food Truck


MACOMB — Kids Cook had another virtual field trip during week 10 of Kids Cook, this time to Boss Food Truck.

Chef Grace visited Allen Henderson at his Boss Food Truck, saying she was craving barbecue and had not had time to visit Boss Food Truck in the past. Henderson invited Grace to come inside the food truck so they could teach the kids more about food trucks.

Henderson explained to Grace that just like any other commercial kitchen, Boss Food Truck has a three-compartment handwashing sink to wash and sanitize their dishes and a refrigerator to store their food. Grace commented that she had both a sink and refrigerator in her home kitchen.

Next on the tour, Henderson showed Grace the serving counter where an employee takes customer’s orders and collects payment via the Square register. Henderson said that the table next to the serving counter was where employees prepped the food before handing it to the customers.

Henderson said that some of the food that Big Boss Truck serves includes pulled pork, chicken, fish, nachos and loaded fries. He took the time to demonstrate how he made fries by using a fry cutter to cut a potato into fry strips. Henderson had two sets of fryers in the food truck, one to fry up chicken and fish and another one to fry up homemade chips and fries.

At the end of the tour, Henderson said that the food truck was only a small part of the business and said that once COVID-19 was over, that he would do a full tour of the business. Grace commented that she wanted to try some brisket during that tour. He ended the tour by thanking Genesis Garden for their appreciation.

Cooking at home

Other things that Kids Cook learned during Week 10 were how to cook rice with Chef Jessica and micronutrients with Brie the Bee. Gardener Gibby and Chef Gogo tried out six different snacks from China, South Korea, Thailand and Japan for Munchy Monday. Recipes that the kids made for the week included Splendid Spanish Rice with Chef Jessica, Awesome Ants on a Log with Brie the Bee and Delicious Dessert Nachos with Chef Grace.

One more week remains of the Kids Cook lessons. According to the Genesis Garden Facebook page, Gardener John will be visiting his garden to talk to kids more about gardening and the foods that they eat.

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