Labor Tips the Greenhouse Industry Can Learn From the Warehouse Sector


The horticulture industry is one of many facing the ever-growing challenge of dealing with a reduced labor force. Improving operational efficiency through the use of automation technology is perhaps the most critical way to address these concerns.

It helps to better understand, and learn from, how other industries are dealing with similar challenges. One example is the lift-truck industry, where many technologies are in play — so many that it can be daunting to pick the winners. Just a few include autonomous lift trucks, telematics and fleet software, virtual reality software, and digital cameras that integrate with truck forks.

One thing all these technologies have in common is the ability to improve labor efficiency. As a result, one can assess value by how much efficiency a technology can bring to an operation relative to its cost. Think of it as a sliding scale for lift truck technologies.

Click here for a closer look at a few of the top lift truck technologies, with an eye to how they help make an operation more productive and safer. Consider how some of these concepts can be applied to the controlled-environment industry.


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