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Sunday, July 26

 Officers assisted Orchard Park Police in breaking up a large, noisy party on Armor Duells Road.

 Patrols responded to a fight outside a Mill Road address. A female stated she had a verbal disagreement with another party, who left prior to patrol’s arrival.

 Police observed a suspicious vehicle exiting an Orchard Park Road car dealership’s parking lot overnight. The operator claimed to be “window shopping” for a new vehicle. He was advised to shop during normal business hours.

 The manager of a tire store on Orchard Park Road reported a male solicitor was at the business, bothering customers. The subject left prior to arrival.

 Police responded to a hit-and-run motor vehicle accident at Seneca Street and Ridge Road. A witness stated the striking vehicle had run a red light. The victim was not injured. Accident investigators will attempt to locate the offending driver.

 A Gordon Avenue resident reported someone stole a baby stroller and toys from her yard.

 Police responded to a car-deer accident on Orchard Park Road. As the officer was speaking with the driver, another driver passing by struck the same deer.

 A Seneca Street business owner found a purse behind the business’s dumpster. The handbag contained no ID or property of any value, and appeared to have been intentionally discarded.

 Officers and Reserve firefighters responded to a Camelot Drive address, where a propane grill was reportedly on fire. The homeowner put out the fire; there was no damage to any other property.

 Patrol responded to Willowcrest Drive, where a female was reportedly sitting in a green Jeep yelling profanities at people and cars passing by. The woman had been terminated from her job at a group home in the neighborhood and was venting her frustration. She was advised not to return.

 Officers responded to a Union Road, where concerned neighbors reported there were people claiming to be from “social services” trying to repair a door. The people in question were friends of the resident, who were there to help her pack her things in preparation for moving.

Total calls: 84

Monday, July 27

 A Diane Drive resident reported someone opened her front door and sprayed a white substance into her house. The substance was determined to have come from a fire extinguisher. Informed of this, the resident did not wish to further pursue the matter.

 A clerk at a gas station at Union and Center roads reported the occupants of a silver truck came into the store, did not buy anything, but spent an inordinate amount of time in the bathroom, possibly using drugs. Officers found no drugs, but advised the subjects they were no longer welcome on the premises.

 The manager of a grocery store on Orchard Park Road reported there was an older male outside harassing employees. The man stated he was waiting for a bus. Patrol gave him a courtesy ride home.

 A Boynton Avenue resident reported there were people sleeping in a yellow sedan parked on the street. The occupant was a Lyft driver taking a break.

 A Harlem Road resident reported an intoxicated subject was messing with his truck. No altercation occurred; the subject’s family just wanted him to get help for his drinking.

 The owner of a local auto shop reported someone stole a vehicle, and the keys to two additional vehicles, from the business.

 Cheektowaga Police requested assistance in locating an elderly female who wandered away from a grocery store on Losson Road. She was subsequently located by Depew Police in their jurisdiction.

 A Treehaven Road resident reported there were three youths jumping fences and climbing on top of sheds in the neighborhood. Officers searched for but were unable to locate the youths.

 Police received a 911 call from a man who stated he was being harassed at a gas station on Clinton Street. There had been a disturbance between two customers in the store, both of whom left before officers arrived.

 Officers responded to the Loyal Order of the Moose on Fernald Avenue, where an intoxicated female was reportedly refusing to leave and causing a disturbance. She left when asked to do so by patrol.

Total calls: 86

Tuesday, July 28

 Orchard Park Police requested West Seneca Police check the area of Southwestern Boulevard for possible property damage, caused by a drunk driver they had just arrested. No damage was found.

 Lackawanna Police reported they were chasing a vehicle into town jurisdiction. The chase turned into the City of Buffalo. West Seneca was never involved.

 A suspicious vehicle was reported to have been parked in the lot of the American Legion on Legion Drive for two consecutive days. The owner had been given permission to park there.

 An Almont Avenue resident reported someone stole her prescription glasses and change purse from her unlocked vehicle while she was unloading groceries.

 A Thorndale Avenue resident reported her neighbor was harassing her on Facebook. She was advised to block the subject and save screenshots of any harassing messages.

 Officers responded to a Mineral Springs Road address for an unwelcome guest. The complainant reported the male was possibly intoxicated or on drugs. A sober adult arrived to pick him up.

 An Emporium Avenue resident reported someone stole $50 out of her unlocked vehicle.

 WSPD received a 911 transfer call reporting a disturbance at a Harlem Road address. When officers arrived, the residence was unoccupied, quiet and locked up. A neighbor reported hearing no disturbance.

 Patrols assisted a former employee of a Union Road business with retrieving some tools and other personal effects of his from the business.

 Officers mediated a dispute at a Clinton Street address. The complainant purchased a vehicle from the resident, and noticed an issue with the vehicle, which led to an argument. Officers were able to help them work out a mutually agreeable plan for repairs.

 A Seneca Street resident reported he found remains near the creek. The bones were those of a deer.

Total calls: 85

Wednesday, July 29

 An anonymous complainant reported someone was power-washing a restaurant on Orchard Park Road at midnight. The workers were finishing up for the evening.

 Officers observed a suspicious vehicle parked at a Ridge Road business. The occupant was eating his takeout from Wendy’s.

 Police and Vigilant firefighters responded to a motor vehicle accident with injuries at Seneca and Main streets. The driver of the striking vehicle stated he did not see the other vehicle, and turned off Main Street onto Seneca, striking the other vehicle. The driver of the second vehicle was evaluated by EMS personnel at the scene for chest pain.

 Two Forrestal Lane residents reported their neighbor was harassing them by knocking on their door at all hours of the day and night, leaving notes on their door, and putting tape over their camera. Patrol spoke with their landlord, who is already aware of the issue.

 A 29-year-old Buffalo man and a 35-year-old Depew woman were arrested for robbery in the 2nd degree – a felony – after shoplifting from a grocery store on Orchard Park Road. As the suspects were fleeing in their vehicle, a store employee who was trying to stop them was struck and knocked to the ground by the vehicle’s open door. Both were also charged with petit larceny. They were arraigned and held on bail.

 A female was reported to be shoplifting inside a Southgate Plaza store. She abandoned the items before leaving the store. She was advised by police she was no longer welcome on the premises.

 Officers responded to Lind Avenue for a neighbor dispute over a property line. The complainant stated his neighbor threatened to “break his neck” over some stakes he was putting into the ground. The neighbor claimed he had said he would break the stakes, not the complainant’s neck. Cooler heads prevailed, and both agreed to follow up with Code Enforcement.

 A Fisher Road resident reported someone fraudulently charged more than $7,500 to his bank and credit card accounts.

 Officers were called to a gas station on Clinton Street, where a customer reportedly threatened an employee with a knife and broke the front door. Neither of these events actually took place.

Total calls: 73

Thursday, July 30

 A Clinton Street man reported he was involved in an altercation at a bar in Cheektowaga, and then followed home by a black SUV. Patrol was unable to locate the vehicle. The man was advised to contact Cheektowaga Police regarding the bar altercation.

 A suspicious male who appeared to be “out of it” was reported to be hanging around a Union Road bank. Officers spoke to bank employees and the man, who had legitimate business there.

 One of the neighbors involved in the dispute the day before on Lind Avenue reported gasoline had been poured on his plants.

 Patrol and Reserve firefighters responded to a three-car accident with injuries at Michael and Orchard Park roads. One driver went through the stop sign on Michael Road, striking the other two vehicles and causing major damage to all three. The driver and passenger in the third vehicle were both taken to the hospital for back pain. The driver of the striking vehicle was cited for failure to stop at a stop sign.

 A woman reported someone stole her iPhone from the bathroom at a grocery store on Harlem Road. Officers were able to track the phone into South Buffalo, until it died or was shut off. Store surveillance video provided a possible suspect and vehicle. Detectives are investigating.

 A frantic mother called police, stating her four-year-old son ran out of the house and she could not find him. Officers located the child a block away and returned him safely home.

Total calls: 57

Friday, July 31

 Police assisted an elderly man who locked himself out of his vehicle at a gas station on Clinton Street.

 A Seneca Creek Road business owner reported he was having trouble with a customer who was attempting to purchase a coffee machine. They were able to work out the issue with minimal police assistance.

 Officers responded to a restaurant on Union Road, where a woman reported she had a mouse stuck in one of her car’s vents. Police were unable to extract the mouse; the woman took her car to the dealership for further assistance.

 A Rosewood Drive resident reported she was being harassed by a stranger over comments she made on social media.

 Patrols responded to a Center Road business for a report of an irate employee who would not leave. He was escorted off the premises by patrol.

 An employee of a Clinton Street business reported she was being harassed by a coworker, in retaliation for having reported him to human resources.

 Police responded to Seneca Creek Road and Crystal Lane for a report of a motor vehicle accident with possible injuries. One car attempted to make a left-hand turn in front of the other. The driver was cited for failure to yield the right of way. No one was injured.

 Several youths were reported to be in the middle of Indian Church Road near Tim Russert Park, shouting at vehicles. Officers warned them to get out of the street.

 A Miller Avenue resident reported his neighbor was repeatedly shining a flashlight in his windows. When officers arrived, the intoxicated subject was standing in the complainant’s driveway. She was escorted home and advised to put the flashlight away.

Total calls: 74

Saturday, Aug. 1

 A Forest Drive resident reported two suspicious males walked into the wooded area off of the street in the middle of the night, yelling and screaming. Patrol searched the woods, but located no one.

 A Kelsey Drive resident reported there was a suspicious pickup truck parked in front of his house with its hazard lights flashing, and no one inside. When officers arrived, the truck was gone.

 Police responded to a Harlem Road apartment complex for a report of a male yelling and causing a disturbance in the parking lot. He was sitting in a vehicle listening to music, and agreed to turn the volume down.

 A couple of hours later, patrol was called back to the same apartment complex, where a newspaper delivery person reported he was harassed by a tenant while delivering papers.

 A Kirkwood Drive resident reported he was being harassed by two males at Tim Russert Park, after saying something to the males about leaving a dog in a hot car. Officers spoke with and separated all parties.

 Two unidentified suspects – a male and a female – attempted to shoplift more than $200 worth of sirloin steaks from an Orchard Park Road grocery store. When confronted by loss prevention, they dropped the steaks and took off in a pickup truck.

 Officers were called to Tim Russert Park for a report of a nine-year-old child stuck in a swing. The child got out prior to officer’s arrival.

Total calls: 69

(Editors note: The Bee’s police blotter is a sampling of unusual, sometimes humorous calls received by the police department. It is not intended to be a complete record of all incidents reported.)

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