Leadbetter Towing donating supplies from truck accidents


CORSICA — Leadbetter Auto Body and Towing has been teaming with one of their employees with a passion for donating to share products salvaged from truck accidents.

Dave Leadbetter explained that because the firm operates big wreckers, they are often called for tractor trailer accidents along Interstate-80 in the area. The most recent was a tractor trailer fire that occurred on I-80 last month.

When trucks are involved in a wreck, they often cannot take any of the material they were transporting that is damaged or falls from the truck. Leadbetter is able to take whatever supplies might be salvageable.

In 2018, working at a crash involving a moving truck, Leadbetter employees discovered the wreckage was made up of personal belongings and began collecting as much as they could to return to the families.

That was a departure from their usual situation as they typically see trucks wrecked carrying grocery store supplies like paper products, cleaning supplies, or food.

“We get a lot of different stuff like that,” Dave Leadbetter said. “We donate a lot of food to the food banks around Brookville.”

Leadbetter said one of his employees, Mike Bovaird, to handle the donation of a lot of the products salvaged. Bovaird has worked for Leadbetter for years, and is well known for his helpful attitude. Both men give each other credit for the donations that are made from the salvage sites.

“He’s a really good guy and he would help anybody out,” Leadbetter said.

“It’s mostly Dave Leadbetter. He’s glad to see me take it, and I’m glad to give it away and mention his name,” Bovaird said.

The only difficulty with the donations the business makes is that it is difficult to predict when they might have supplies. The only time they have donations is if a tractor trailer crashes or loses some of its cargo somehow.

“We could go three or four months before we get another one like that,” Leadbetter said.

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