Let’s Look At The Most Overhyped Future Electric Pickup Trucks


Reportedly, several electric pickup trucks are coming to market soon. Some are coming from small, barely established startup automakers, others are coming from startups that are well-established and have collected huge investments, and still others are coming from legacy OEMs. Do you believe all the hype? Are all these electric trucks really going to make it to market?

The onslaught of electric truck announcements started after Rivian revealed its R1T. News accelerated more rapidly after Tesla unveiled the Cybertruck. In this recent episode of TFL Talkin’ Trucks, Roman and Andre talk at length about 8 electric pickups trucks that it feels are overhyped. The list includes several upcoming pickup trucks that are set to arrive by 2022. It asks which are worth being excited about and which are just hype. 

While we’d love to say we believe all the trucks are coming, we don’t, and neither does TFLnow. That’s not to say that none of them are coming or that there won’t be some electric pickup truck options in the near future, but it’s probably safe to say some (if not several) of these future vehicles will either never arrive, never reach mass-market potential, or remain future products well into the future. We can only hope we’re all proven wrong and there’s a slew of electric pickup truck options on the realistic horizon, but we remain cautiously skeptical at this point.

 Check out the video discussion. Then, let us know which electric trucks you think are the real deal. How many of these trucks will fail? What will the real timeline actually look like?

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