Lincoln meat store putting limits on ground beef purchases


LINCOLN, Neb. (KOLN) – As meat processing plants temporarily close in Nebraska, grocery stores and meat markets are putting limits on meat purchases. Del Gould Meats, Inc. in Lincoln is restricting ground beef 10 pounds per purchase.

Del Gould Meats, Inc. is limiting ground beef purchases as meat supplies are limited during the COVID-19 pandemic.

Del Gould Meats owner Larry Feerhusen said people were buying their meat in bulk when this pandemic began. “We were running specials on our ground beef.” Feerhusen said, “We had people coming in buying 100 pounds at a time.”

Feerhausen said limiting customers to 10 pounds a purchase should last families at least a week. “Just buy enough for your family for one week.” Feerhusen said, “We’re going to be here next week, come back and see us again.”

Feerhusen said Del Gould grinds about 25,000 pounds of ground beef a week. Since meat processing plants are closing, those numbers have slightly decreased at Del Gould Meats.

“It is short. You are going to have spot shortages.” Feerhusen said, “Right now we’re starting to run a little short but I’ve got a truck coming in here tonight.”

The Nebraska Grocery Association said as meat plants temporarily close, the numbers of meat being processed are decreasing. The grocery association’s executive director, Kathy Siefken, said this is expected to be a short term problem.

“As the processing plants are temporarily closing in Nebraska, the number of pounds that are available to grocers is going to be reduced.” Siefken said, “So there will be a limited supply.” Siefken is asking customers to stay calm and not ‘panic buy’ meat.

Siefken said, “Those meat products are going to be back in stores in the very near future.” The Nebraska Grocery Association said customers are also worried beef and pork won’t be available in stores in a week. Feerhusen assured all of his customers that this won’t be an issue at Del Gould Meats.

“If everybody uses reasoning in how they buy, there’s enough for everybody,” Feerhusen said.

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