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Loadsmith to use Kodiak autonomous tech in new freight network – Truck News

Loadsmith, a third-party logistics platform based in Denver, Col., has announced plans to equip 800 trucks with Kodiak’s autonomous vehicle technology – establishing the foundation for the Loadsmith Freight Network built around self-driving trucks.

Trucks equipped with Kodiak Driver are meant to be used on longhaul stretches of interstate highways, while human-driven trucks booked on the Loadsmith platform would be responsible for pickups and deliveries.

The platform will deploy 6,000 trailers throughout the network, and pair the autonomous vehicles and manually driven trucks.

Kodiak autonomous truck
(Photo: Kodiak Robotics)

There are still regulatory hurdles to overcome, though. The U.S. Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration, for example, is still reviewing comments on its plan to require carriers to formally report on plans to operate such vehicles in interstate commerce, and introduce additional inspection requirements, among other issues.

The first Loadsmith trucks with the Kodiak Driver are to be delivered in the second half of 2025.

“Loadsmith’s partnership with Kodiak is founded on the belief that freight transportation is preparing to undergo a profound technological transformation, with autonomous middle-mile trucking leading the way,” said Brett Suma, founder and CEO of Loadsmith. “Loadsmith’s expertise in network design and freight execution combined with Kodiak’s best-in-class autonomous trucking technology demonstrates a new model for how two companies can collaborate to usher in a new era of transportation.”

Kodiak has also announced partnerships with CR England, Tyson, Ikea, Werner, and Forward, among others.

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