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Look up “July in Colorado,” and you may colloquially find the definition, “road trip.” Even with the onset of COVID-19 and its many restrictions and protocols, motorists are still taking to the open highway, whether that means leaving or driving into the Centennial State — or just fooling around within its borders.

Of course, you can’t run a car, truck, motorcycle, SUV or RV without fuel. The Aspen Daily News made a loop around the Roaring Fork Valley on Friday to check on gasoline prices — and in the process, picked up some cheap sunglasses, red-white-and-blue truck-driver caps, spicy beef jerky and organically grown peaches. Weed pipes? Honestly, there’s no telling what you’ll find inside or outside of a Colorado gas station these days.

Outside of these facilities, a lot of petrol is being sold. It’s a far cry from early April, when few vehicles were on the roads — except for supposedly essential reasons). Oil prices plunged. The price per gallon of regular unleaded hovered around $1.59 in Rifle and $2.89 in the upper valley. Still, there are a few places here and there where a budget-minded roadhog or gearjammer can save a few bucks. Here’s our look at what you’re gonna spend.

Prices elsewhere in the area (not pictured): Aspen Quick Mart (ABC), $2.69 9/10; Woody Creek Station (Aspen Village), $2.79 9/10; Seven-Eleven (Basalt), $2.89 9/10.

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