‘Love After Lockup’: John Plans Wedding & Honeymoon in Pick Up Truck


Love After Lockup busted out a whole new season for our viewing pleasure. A whole new crop of prison paramours will soon join their loves on the outside. Among them is John who’s literally planning a post jail wedding ceremony and honeymoon all in the bed of his truck. Scott gets his house ready for his prison bae Lindsey Downs. Jessica married Maurice in prison. She pays the price with her family. And Quaylon has schooled his outside love Shavel on the art of phone sex. Let’s take a deep dive into season 3 episode 1 Stairway To Heaven. You can join the fun Friday nights at 9 on WE tv.

John Brings The Chapel On Wheels on Love After Lockup

We first meet John in his kitchen holding a large eagle’s wing. He’s half Native American by blood, but practices all things native in his personal and spiritual life. He’s making a headdress out of the wing feathers. There is no mention of how he obtained the wing and that’s probably for the best. John’s a quirky guy and has been married four times and engaged twice. He’s also the father of eight kids. At least that’s how many he counted on his fingers as he said their names to jog his memory.

But John says he was never invested until now with his soon-to-be-sprung prison lover Kristianna. John’s so certain that five’s the charm that he’s proposing the second she gets out. He set up a makeshift chapel in the back of his pick-up. He’s even got a mattress in there for a quickie honeymoon. With the emphasis on “quick” as all this has to take place in a 30-minute window during a three-hour ride to the halfway house where she’s got to live.

On Love After Lockup, one person not too surprised at John’s fast track to wedding #5 is his 18-year-old daughter, Sapphire. She says her dad once put an ad on Craigslist asking Santa to bring him a girlfriend. A lady responded and they started dating. Sapphire does a quick Google search of Kristianna and there’s no shortage of felonies. But John believes people can change as he himself spent some time behind bars for check scamming.

Scott Is Ready To Play House With Lindsey

On Love After Lockup, Scott is a self-described well-off entrepreneur. And he’s in love with his young prison girlfriend Lindsey Downs. Scott is 51 and Lindsey is 27. But for him, age is just a number much like the thousands of dollars he’s spent on her. He even cares for her young daughter and mom. Lindsey gets out soon. She loves clipping things out of home decor magazines while lounging in her cell and sending them to Scott.

Scott wants to do right by his beautiful prison princess so he hires an interior designer to help him create the perfect post-prison palace. The designer asks quite a few questions including about whether he can handle a young pent up prisoner in the sack. He assures her that he can as he’s “high energy”. Scott doesn’t balk when the home improvement bill will total around 50 grand. Once outside, the designer gives her opinion: Scott is a sugar daddy.

Jessica’s Family Not Down With Maurice on Love After Lockup

Jessica describes her life as an all American experience in the suburbs of Las Vegas. She played soccer and went to picnics by the lake. She drops by her parents’ house and we learn that things have certainly changed since then. Jessica is married to Maurice who is still in jail. But he’s getting out soon after serving a seven-year sentence for armed robbery. She met him on the dating site Plenty of Fish. Jessica is blown away by his good looks, so she dove into his profile and discovered he was in prison.

This didn’t stop Jessica from pursuing her “dream guy” on Love After Lockup. They married just six months after that first contact. And now it’s been 4-1/2 years. That’s also the same amount of time that her sister hasn’t spoken to her. It seems Maurice grew up in Compton and once dabbled in gang life. Her parents vow to support her but wonder what happened to the “nice stockbroker” from New York.

Jessica’s dad says he’s not going to let anyone hurt his daughter. And that Maurice needs to earn their trust and respect. Jessica decides to drive by her sister’s house the day before Maurice gets out. It’s close by and, of course, sis happens to be outside while Jess rolls up with cameras in tow. She stops and panics and explains that her sis doesn’t think marrying a convict sets a good example for her niece.

Quaylon and Shavel Get Down Over The Phone

Shavel is a single mom with a five-year-old adorable daughter. Her baby daddy’s not in their lives, but Shavel’s got a man on Love After Lockup. His name is Quaylon and he’s nearing the end of a 12-year sentence for armed robbery. Her family is less than thrilled with the romance. Her mom warns she doesn’t really know him. And he’s talking “jail talk” – in other words, what she wants to hear, not the truth.

Mama also warns that if he hurts Shavel, he hurts her little girl too, And if that happens heads will roll. Quaylon missed a lot since he was sentenced at 17. He feels robbed of his dreams and “aberrations.” He met Shavel through a friend and in spite of spelling her name “Chevelle” in his first letter, she was on board. They cope with the distance by having lots of phone sex.

Quaylon is close to his mama so this brings up a conflict for his release. Should he go stay with his girl or his mother? He asks Shavel if she wouldn’t mind picking up his mom on the way to pick him up from prison. This doesn’t sit too well with Shavel who is ready to get down with her man after making do with telephone nookie. She also knows mama Quaylon is a tad controlling. Should be quite a road trip on the next Love After Lockup.

Shawn’s Friends Think He’s a Goner On Love After Lockup

Shawn is excited to begin what he calls “Operation Free Destinie with an IE Not a Y”. Shawn is head over heels for his convict crush and folks say he lights up when he gets that pre-paid call from the clink. He’s been talking with her for nine months now but hasn’t officially met her. She says she packed on some prison pounds (you know lots of starch) and wants to wait till she looks good. He shows co-workers sexy pics she sends. His coworker suggests she might be a catfish.

But Shawn is going full steam ahead. He’s already spent 35 grand on her and is about to go in the hole, even more, when she rings to ask him to go see the bail bondsman. John has six kids with his ex-wife Kelly. He dips into his 401(k) for his date with Destinie. The bail bondsman’s been doing this for years so he tries to scare him straight by telling him he could lose 50 grand if she bails on Love After Lockup.

Shawn is willing to take his chances on the woman who stole his heart and most of his retirement savings. Even the fact that dear Destinie has been a career criminal since the age of 14 doesn’t dampen his desire. His pal at work says he’s gonna die. And his own dad – who did time – tells him it’s probably not a good idea to bail her out. He says they don’t know Destinie the way he does. But does he know her at all?

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