MAN Truck & Bus Delivers 150 City Buses to Durban Transport


Image Source: MAN Bus Durban Transport

150 new city buses recently delivered to Durban Transport by MAN Truck & Bus. The operator wanted high-floor chassis that would enable taller boarding platforms to be served as well. Another priority for the operator was the use of anti-corrosive materials in the vehicle due to the coastal climate. The vehicles’ engine cooling system was modified and improved with the aim of enabling it to continue operating reliably even on the sweltering summer days experienced in Durban.

MAN RR8 and RR9 high-floor chassis equipped with a powerful Euro 5 engine rated at 320 horse power and a six-gear automatic gearbox form the backbone of the city buses. In addition, decreased noise levels and exhaust emissions protect the environment and the city’s residents alike. The ESP program, electronic brake system with ABS and ASR all guarantee on-board safety and comfort for drivers and passengers. MAN experts at the assembly plant in Olifantsfontein assembled the 12-metre-long buses.

The buses even know how to make an impression on the inside. Generous seat spacing means that passengers can travel from A to B as comfortably as possible. The kneeling function also means the bus can be boarded with ease. Drivers were also kept in mind, however: the instruments are arranged such that all important information is visible quickly at a glance. Another neat feature is the fibreglass construction of the side panels, which reduces the buses’ gross weight. After all, the glass-reinforced plastic is not only corrosion-resistant and sturdy, but also very lightweight. Their reduced weight and improved aerodynamic properties make MAN vehicles very eco-friendly while reducing fuel consumption and maintenance costs at the same time.

Source : Strategic Research Institute, SteelGuru

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