Man wanted for rape found in vacant apartment unit: Cleveland Hts.


CLEVELAND HEIGHTS, Ohio — Breaking and entering: Euclid Heights Boulevard

At 11 p.m. April 26, police were called to the apartment building at 2374 Euclid Heights Blvd., where a man reported that someone had tried to open his apartment door. The man explained that as he later took out his garbage, he saw a door to a vacant apartment open on the floor below his, and another on his floor. An officer arrived to spot a man walking in the first-floor hallway. The man saw the officer and ran towards the rear of the building and out the door. The officer heard the sound of crashing glass. The suspect ran up the fire escape to the third floor.

Police stood outside the third-floor unit door that had been open, but was, at the time, closed and locked. After getting a key from the property manager, police entered and saw on the floor a trail of blood leading to a bedroom. The room’s door was closed and locked. Believing the suspect to be inside, officers spent five minutes ordering the man from the bedroom. The suspect eventually opened the door and crawled out of the room, wearing only underwear. A pile of clothes in the bedroom matched those of the man seen on the first floor who ran.

In the apartment unit, police found other items, including a key to the unit, a garage door opener and a $1,000 check signed to building management. All of the items were likely taken from the building’s office, which is next door to the unit where the suspect was found.

Another apartment resident told officers that the suspect, earlier that evening, opened the unlocked door to his apartment and left quickly when he saw someone was home. Outside the building, it was learned that someone had opened two packages sent to apartment residents.

Police arrested the suspect, 38, and charged him with breaking and entering and obstruction of official business. It was further learned that the suspect was wanted on three warrants. One warrant was issued by Cleveland Heights police for fines owed. Another was issued by the parole authority for a parole violation. The third warrant, issued by Cuyahoga County, was for rape.

Animal cruelty: Lee Road

At 11:40 a.m. April 25, police were called to the Dollar General store, 1955 Lee Road, about a dog in a locked, parked car in the parking lot. An officer found a small, white dog in a car. Store employees were unable to located the car’s owner.

The officer noted that the outside temperature was above 55 degrees, and that he could see fog on the car’s back window, where the dog had been laying. Employees stated that the car had been parked in the lot for more than two hours, with all of its windows closed.

The officer unlocked a car door and called for a kennel to come and pick up the animal. As the officer waited for a kennel representative to arrive, the car’s driver, a man, 50, appeared. The man said he had gone home and lost track of time. The man was told of the danger of leaving a dog in a closed car for a long period of time and cited for animal cruelty.

Criminal trespass: South Taylor Road

At 7:55 a.m. April 29, police were called to Master Works Automotive, 1789 S. Taylor Road, where the owner saw on surveillance video a man entering two cars parked in the business’s lot. The man attempted, unsuccessfully, to enter a third car before leaving in a yellow Penske rental truck with Indiana license plates.

On his way to Master Works Automotive, the officer saw a Penske truck, unoccupied, in the lot of Home Depot, 3460 Mayfield Road. Two other police officers went to the Home Depot lot and waited for the driver to return. It was later found that the driver of the truck found in the Home Depot lot was the person captured in the surveillance video at Master Works Automotive. Inside the truck were three power drills stolen from Home Depot.

The suspect, admitted to taking change out of one car at the auto repair shop. Home Depot did not seek charges against the man for theft.

Police charged the man with criminal trespassing, vehicle trespassing and theft from auto.

Theft of parts from motor vehicles: Mayfield Road

At 8:25 a.m. April 23, police were called to the U-Haul rental lot at 3211 Mayfield Road, where it was reported that catalytic converters from five trucks had been stolen. Police were unable to obtain fingerprints.

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