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WINNIPEG, Man. – The Manitoba government has officially adopted the New West Partnership Trade Agreement (NWPTA), which commits each of the four western provinces to trade by removing barriers to the movement of goods, services, investment, and people.

“The adoption of this trade agreement with the three other western provinces brings Manitoba into a new and exciting era in positioning itself for economic growth,” said Economic Development and Training Minister Ralph Eichler. “Our province will move forward and prosper through diversified markets for trade and the creation of quality jobs, while our participation in the agreement strengthens the economic potential of the four jurisdictions as a whole.”

The NWPTA began in 2010, with Manitoba entering the agreement with B.C., Alberta, and Saskatchewan in 2016. The partnership creates a common trade market of more than 11 million people with a combined GDP of more than $750 billion.

In 2016 when Manitoba first entered into the partnership, the four western trucking associations – B.C. Trucking Association (BCTA), Alberta Motor Transport Association (AMTA), Saskatchewan Trucking Association (STA) and Manitoba Trucking Association (MTA) – outlined their Top 9 policy issues for the first time with collaboration from the MTA.

The nine priorities for 2016/17 were: 1) electronic logging device mandates, 2) aligning provincial hours of service in Alberta and Saskatchewan with federal regulations, 3) safety rest areas, 4) mandatory entry level driver training, 5) monitoring and rating US carriers safety performance in Western Canada, 6) weight parity for new generation wide base single tires, 7) long wheelbase tractors in B-trains, 8) reciprocal recognition of pilot car/flag person training, 9) improving the speed of regulatory change.

At the time, MTA executive director Terry Shaw said he was excited that his association was formally “part of the conversation.”

The Manitoba government said its official adoption of the NWPTA expands Canada’s largest, barrier-free interprovincial market and strengthens the province’s industries.

“The potential through the New West Partnership for the creation of quality jobs is in step with our government’s Manitoba Works program, which aims to generate 40,000 new jobs in our province over the next four years,” said Eichler. “This trade agreement brings opportunities for new growth, and has long been called for by Manitoba business owners and chambers of commerce. It’s a chance for Manitoba to take advantage of its enormous potential with its resource wealth and its central location in Canada and North America.”

New West Partnership Trade Agreement.

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