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ST JOHN’S, Nfld. — Marine Atlantic is reducing its fuel surcharge to 13%, down 5% from previous levels, effective immediately.

“We use a fuel hedging strategy which protects customers against unpredictable price swings and having to adjust the fuel surcharge multiple times per year,” it says in a bulletin distributed today by the Atlantic Provinces Trucking Association.

“As part of our fuel hedging strategy, we have already purchased approximately 85% of this year’s fuel. With the unprecedented drop in international fuel prices, we are able to achieve savings for the remaining fuel not covered under the current hedging contracts for the upcoming year.”

The bulletin also reminds users of the ferry service about Covid-19 protocols, including a recommendation to wear facemasks and coverings, remaining six feet away from other individuals, and practicing self-isolation.

Marine Atlantic is also accepting we-load units – vehicles that require an employee to enter a vehicle cab and drive it onto a vessel. But this doesn’t include drop trailers or any other towable vehicles. Shipping customers using this service must check in at the terminal three hours before sailing and drive the vehicle onto the vessel during loading.

In these cases, receiving customers must drive the vehicle off the vessel during loading, be at the terminal when the vessel docks, and sign out the vehicle at the terminal before proceeding to the vessel. A shuttle bus will transport these customers from the terminal to the vessel.

“External towing services will remove any units from the vessel if there is no receiving driver available to unload it at the required time,” it adds, noting customers are responsible for any tow service fees.

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