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– After two months of shut down, the agricultural produce market committee (APMC) vegetable market at market yard resumed operations on May 31. The market was shut down as a precautionary measure on April 10, due to the ongoing Covid-19 pandemic.

The market has resumed services with several new rules, restrictions, and taking all the precautionary and safety measures. It is the biggest vegetable market in Pune through which daily vegetables and fruits are being supplied to all parts of Pune.

According to Pune APMC chairman Balasaheb Deshmukh, the decision to reopen the market was taken after instructions were given by deputy chief minister Ajit Pawar and minister Balasaheb Patil.

“From 9pm last night, a total of 200 trucks carrying 11,000 quintals of vegetable goods arrived at the main Market yard vegetable market. Then early morning from 4.30am the actual trading of goods started, while doing this we made various changes in the operations. Accordingly, every day only 50 per cent of traders and agents will keep their shops open. On every alternate day, each trader will get a chance to do business. Every shop can unload only one truck goods at his shop. The number of vehicles entry is being reduced to 200 daily and while entering into the market premises thermal checking of each person is being done. The entire market was completely sanitised before it was started and from now this daily market will be open. So that citizens will get adequate and low price vegetables from now,” Deshmukh said.

While traders are happy to resume business, Ramesh Vaychal one of the traders said, “It is good that vegetable market at Market yard is started and with all precautions, operations have started. It is a big challenge for everyone now, as at such market places avoiding crowds and monitoring vehicles is a tough task. If citizens cooperate with the APMC management then the market will run smoothly.”

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