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Mary Ellen’s food truck opens restaurant near SouthPointe


LINCOLN, Neb. (KOLN) As many restaurants are struggling during the pandemic, one in Lincoln is expanding its business.

For the last three years, Mary Ellen’s in Lincoln has been known as a food truck, but near SouthPointe it’s known as a brick-and-mortar restaurant located at 2801 Pine Lake Rd. Studio B.

The owner Charles and Sunya Phillips moved into the building back in June. They did a soft opening on Saturday, serving lunch and dinner with a break in between the two.

They have their signature dishes such as catfish, brisket and wings with many sides. This food venue started as a way to honor their late family members and they never expected to get to this point.

“We did not know what to expect when we started our food truck and we just pulled out our trailer one day and parked,” said Charles Phillips, Owner of Mary Ellen’s. “People started coming gradually when we first started it was scarce but as the years went on people really started to gravitate toward us.”

They are following COVID precautions. Social distancing arrows are in the store, masks are required inside and they are constantly sanitizing after customers.

For Mary Ellen’s hours and menu check their Facebook page here.

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