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MBE Group’s virtual services to help aftermarket manufacturers

Marx Buscemi Eisbrenner Group (MBE Group) has launched a virtual services program, created as a way for aftermarket parts manufacturers to reach their audiences via online experiences.

Designed to engage with the media, customers, prospects and employees, the company is offering four services including virtual media events, virtual product launches and demos, virtual corporate events and interactive digital tools. These services will allow suppliers to control the timing of their engagement, at a lower cost than an in-person event, while extending the lifespan of their engagement by packaging it digitally, the company says.

“As every event in the auto care industry has been cancelled or gone virtual, companies need to stay connected to their audiences, maintain relationships and find ways to grow,” said Frank Buscemi, CEO and chief creative officer, MBE Group, a marketing communications agency focused in the automotive, mobility, trucking, tech and consumer goods industries.

“While some virtual events may give suppliers a way to network, we wanted to take it a step further by giving them tools to engage with their customers, prospective customers and the media, at any time, in an impactful way. There’s no need to wait for an event to happen in order to announce news or launch a new product,” Buscemi says.

Services offered include the following customizable options:

  • Virtual media events: for conducting news conferences, media roundtables or corporate updates
  • Virtual product launches or demos: enables a sales team to directly reach key customers and prospects
  • Virtual corporate events: designed for employee and sales meetings
  • Interactive tools: custom digital tools to help a company tell its story to customers and prospects

MBE Group says benefits of these virtual services include:

  • Controlled launch timing
  • Lower costs than in-person events
  • Broadening reach to a larger online audience
  • Extending the life of an announcement by capturing it digitally

For virtual media events, MBE Group offers turnkey coordination and public relations support, from ensuring media attendance to creating presentations, crafting messages and developing content.

Virtual product launches, product demos or corporate events can be executed via live or pre-recorded broadcasts, remotely or in a safe and sanitary production studio and supported by interactive tools.

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