Mid-South food truck owners adapt to COVID-19 pandemic


It’s a community within the restaurant community. We’re talking about the food truck industry.

MEMPHIS, Tenn. — Since the coronavirus outbreak, many food truck owners have had to change the way they do business.

We call it adapting, but not food truck owners.

“We call it hustling,” said Mike Godwin, Paradise Grill owner.

COVID-19 threw a wrench in the shuffle, keeping the usual hungry clients away.

“It was very tough the first week until I came up with a new plan,” said Ben Sanders, Triple B owner.

Owners like Sanders had to switch it up.

“Mainly, what I’ve been doing is apartments right now. I’ve got five or six I’ve been working with. They let me come out,” said Sanders.

It was a situation similar for Godwin. When dining in at his restaurant closed, his food truck opened.

“We decided to take the food truck into a little more rural areas like banks that were closed. They let us use their parking lots,” said Godwin.

Both are still social distancing.

“It was a pickup window just like always, and people would normally come up and stay in their cars and get out one at a time to order,” said Godwin.

“Of course, we try to wipe everything down and wash our hands and stuff too. We want to be safe out here too,” said Sanders.

While it seems they have gotten into a new routine, there is still another adjustment possibly ahead: facing a possible meat shortage.

“Ours have been more of a delay than a complete shortage right now,” said Godwin.

“The meat is probably the hardest thing to get in hand. For food truck people, you don’t have a lot of storage and you’re constantly going back to get more food,” said Sanders. “The waiting in line to get in the store. Then, you’re hoping they have half of what you need. I’m concerned now that I won’t be able to work next week. I could hardly find any meat yesterday.”

In the meantime, Sanders said he’s going to keep trying different ways to get customers. He, like many others, are hoping that the pandemic is over soon.

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