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Sumedha Sharma

Tribune News Service

Gurugram, May 14

Unable to get a boarding call despite having registered for the ‘Shramik’ train, over 4,000 migrant workers across the city, especially in the industrial belt of Manesar, are willing to pool between Rs 1 lakh and Rs 2 lakh for a truck ride back home.

Labourers shell out Rs 5,000 for bus seat

  • Mandi: Failing to get help from the state or the Centre, stranded labourers in Mandi, most of them from UP, on Thursday hired two buses for their journey back home. Vikas Kumar and Shyam Singh, both from Gorakhpur, said each person had paid Rs5,000 per seat to the transporter. “We were counting on the government for travel arrangements and expenses. Sadly, that did not happen. Our pockets are now empty.” tns

The Gurugram police have been intercepting such trucks almost daily, stopping migrants from crossing the border through the Kundli-Manesar-Palwal Expressway.

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One such truck intercepted last night carried 60 migrants, including women and children, from Bass village. They had paid the trucker Rs 1.5 lakh for a ride to Bihar.

The group claimed they had spent their life savings for the journey. The police turned them away, promising to take up the issue with the authorities.

“I only had a pair of anklets from wedding. I worked as a maid but have had no work for two months. My daughter is not well. I tried going back by train, but they told me it’s for farmers only,” said Reshma Devi.

“We had registered for the train but didn’t get a boarding call. I just have Rs 100 for food. The lockdown is set to continue and we just want to return home,” said Nagesh, a migrant from MP.

On an average, two trucks were being intercepted on the expressway every day, said DCP Deepak Saharan.

Employed in the industrial sector or service industry, these migrants apparently don’t qualify for travel in ‘Shramik’ trains and are forced to make desperate efforts to reach home.

DC Amit Khatri said: “Labourers are being sent out as per protocol, which primarily allows farm labour. The administration is available 24×7 for those in distress. Industrial and commercial establishments have started operations. I urge people not to indulge in illegal exodus.”

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