Moira Dela Torre has quarantine date on Lolo’s pickup truck


Here’s a little inspiration for all the couples stuck together during the COVID-19 pandemic. Singer Moira Dela Torre was treated by her husband, Jason Marvin Hernandez, to a surprise quarantine date, car guy-style: A nice Jollibee Chickenjoy dinner on the bed of her Lolo’s pickup truck. Look:

“Last night, Jason took me out on a date on my Lolo’s truck right on our driveway, with drive-thru Chickenjoy and snacks from our parent’s kitchen,” Dela Torre says in her post.

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“It started with flowers and a letter for me (and my stepmom) and ended with a romcom at sunset. it was the best date night ever,” she added.

Now, before you grab a pitchfork and accuse a couple of breaking social distancing guidelines, take note of two things: A) Remember they’re a married couple and most probably live together, and B) That photo appears to be taken in the US (we can tell these things based on the cars in the background) where how strictly social distancing is enforced varies from state to state.

That said, you should not under current circumstances drive over to your significant other to do the same—we doubt Philippine National Police Highway Patrol Group (PNP-HPG) will consider you two missing each other a valid reason to cross LGU borders.

Eating fried chicken and watching a sunset from the bed of a pickup truck—simple but effective. How are the rest of you guys keeping your love lives interesting during the ongoing Luzon-wide enhanced community quarantine period? Let us know in the comments.

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