New diesel exhaust fluid from Old World Industries


The manufacturer of BlueDEF, Old World Industries, introduces its next breakthrough in diesel exhaust fluid with BlueDEF PLATINUM.

According to the company, BlueDEF PLATINUM is a mixture of high purity synthetic urea, deionized water and a proprietary formulation featuring its new advanced System Shield technology, which significantly reduces harmful deposits that commonly build up in modern diesel exhaust systems with SCR. With regular use, these harmful deposits are significantly reduced, providing optimum fuel economy, saving money on costly repairs, and sustaining the life of the system.

“Ever since we launched BlueDEF a decade ago, consumers have come to trust the brand to deliver the highest quality of DEF, giving them peace of mind,” says Old World Industries CEO Charles Culverhouse.  “BlueDEF Platinu provides added peace of mind by using a proprietary advanced formula to significantly reduce the formation of deposits so that consumers get more out of their SCR systems.”

BlueDEF PLATINUM is manufactured under ISO 22241 guidelines to ensure the highest product quality and is API registered, meeting or exceeding OEM specifications for diesel exhaust fluid, the company adds.

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