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New Love’s Travel Stop and County Store to add more traffic to the community of Bliss


BLISS, Idaho (KMVT/KSVT) – The Magic Valley town of Bliss is known as a great place to stop and gas up, before continuing on Idaho’s beautiful bi-ways and highways.

Now, a new truck stop is being built, which city leaders say could be a welcomed boost.

Bliss has been known for it’s Café‘s and Country Stores for over a century, with the railroad first, then Highway 30 and now Interstate 84.

Bill and Leslie Jones cater to the truck drivers, creating a relaxing space for them to sit down and eat a meal at the Oxbow Diner which they own.

“They like to go in sit down and have a meal, and we provide them with that, a place that is quiet so they can relax, and we do have a full service bar so if they are on their off duty time, they can come in a have a beer,” said Bill Jones.

Now, on 19 acres of land right off the Interstate, Love’s Travel Stops and Country Stores is building a new truck stop, which will add many more jobs to the town.

“It is going to double the number of people working in town, they are going to add 85 jobs and if you’ve driven through Bliss, you’ve seen it, you didn’t miss any of it, don’t know if there is 85 people working in town now,” said the mayor of Bliss, Chris Pruett.

The building will have a McDonald’s, a Subway, 116 truck spaces, and 70 car spaces.

It will also have a truck wash and tire center on the property.

“The location Love’s is building on, it was a truck stop, but they abandoned it and shut it down about 15 years ago, so it was just an eye sore as soon as you got off the freeway,” said Pruett.

For Bill and Leslie Jones, they are excited and hopeful Love’s will bring more people through the community and to their diner.

“I think that this is what the town needs is a little bit of a boost, because Bliss used to be a real thriving community, but then after they built the freeway out through here it kind of killed a lot of the businesses off, a lot of people moved out, so we need a good shot in the arm and I think this is a good start,” said Bill Jones.

Construction started in early spring and Pruett says it will hopefully be done by December 2020.

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