New owner, new name and new energy for Chisholm’s general store


There’s a new name and a new lease on life for the general store on the Alderale Road.

“I always dreamed about having a little store when I was growing up,” said Victoria Perron. “I would even pretend I had a store at the end of our driveway.”

Born and raised in Chisholm, Perron is the owner of The Alderdale General Store, formerly the Chisholm Country Market, and there’s been a smile on her face ever since she started rebranding the business.

“This is a year of changes and challenges and while businesses are facing uncertainty, I decided to go for it,” she said, laughing at her questionable timing.

“I could see that the store was closed on an increasing number of days and I was concerned about its future. This is the heart of the community,” Perron said. “Earlier in the pandemic, when some of the staple items weren’t available in the grocery store, you could still get yeast and flour and sugar here. I want to keep that going.”

She is also counting on the continuing momentum of the buy local movement that has gained prominence during the coronavirus.

“Everyone is supporting local these days so why not jump in and do it wholeheartedly,” Perron said. “I believe in supporting local and the store stocks local foods, vegetables, coffee that is charcoal roasted here in Chisholm, baking, and crafts and the Amish doughnuts are here, fresh baked on Saturday morning.”

The store will also continue to sell animal feeds, bedding and basic veterinary supplies.

Perron has applied for the licensing required for her to reopen the gas pumps and will be adding a chip truck next summer, a 1947 GMC red delivery van that her parents are refurbishing.

“The store has such potential that I’m convinced I did the right thing,” she said. “The community is behind me and they’re so excited to see the store staying open and expanding.”

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