New snap clip from Tectran


Tectran introduces a stainless steel oversized snap clip.

The company says new clip offers fleets and the distributors that serve them a better solution for the most demanding applications.

“The primary design application is to upgrade new or existing tender spring kits. The standard aluminum clip widely available in the industry is suitable under normal conditions, but fleets with more demanding applications do experience issues with them, including bending under heavy load and having latches fail due to corrosion,” says Alex Wolcott, product manager, Tectran.

At 8 mm in diameter, Tectran says the SS 304 body provides superior strength and corrosion resistance to prevent these issues. In addition to the body of the clip being stainless steel, all the internal components in the latch are also stainless to maximize service life, and Tectran says the clip is designed to fit easily over slider bars that are up to 1 in., in diameter, so it is compatible with all major makes and models.

The clip available for the sale in the U.S. and Canada as part number 94-0109. This item also has been added to the online catalog and there is inventory available in both countries, the company says.

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