New Stilwell fire truck offers special features | Features


The Stilwell Fire Department received a new fire truck this week.

The large, red 2019 Dodge 5500 was purchased from a Canadian company. It was picked up in Buffalo, New York, and driven back to Oklahoma by Fire Chief Tilden Martin.

It will replace one of the older trucks, said Martin.

The $124,000 cost includes two special features: a large water tank and aerial light.

“In the past, all of our rescue trucks never had water, and if we ran up on a wreck, we had to wait on one of the brush trucks,” Martin said.

He once was working at a crash where people burned to death before a truck with water arrived.

“We always had to wait on one of our brush trucks to get there,” he said.

This truck has a 125-gallon water tank, Martin added.

Another feature is an aerial light tower.

“It can sometimes be a blackout on scene, or it can help a helicopter find us or someone else find us in one of the valley’s around here,” he said.

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