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Nikola adopts what3words mapping – Truck News

Nikola says it’s the first North American truck manufacturer to integrate the what3words location system into its vehicles, beginning this year.

What3words is a way of precisely identifying locations, using a global grid of 10’x10’ squares, each assigned a three-word combination known as a what3words address. It aims to help drivers locate warehouse entrances, drop-off points, and other tucked-away delivery doors, each with their own what3words address.

what3words graphic
(Photo: Nikola Corporation)

Nikola says it will build the technology into its zero-emission Class 8 trucks beginning this year.

“In the commercial vehicle landscape, precision is paramount to avoid delays and disruptions,” says Mary Chan, Nikola chief operating officer. “This strategic partnership underscores our commitment to innovation by elevating the standard for commercial vehicle navigation and speaks to our dedication to customer-centric solutions. The added benefit of simplifying location entry, whether through voice or text, further solidifies our commitment to providing a seamless and efficient experience for our drivers.”

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