Nikola Opens Order Books For Electric/Hydrogen Badger Pickup


Nikola has started accepting deposits for the Badger pickup truck and confirmed it will be unveiled on December 4.

The automotive startup has announced three different deposit tiers for the pickup. Those who pay $250 for their deposit will lock in an order for the Badger at a $500 discount while also receiving one ticket to see the Badger premiere at the Nikola World 2020 event running from December 3-5. They will also receive one entry ticket to win a free Badger.

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The next tier is known as the ‘Predator Package’ and requires a $1,000 deposit. In exchange, those who select this tier will get $2,000 off the Badger’s purchase price, two tickets to Nikola World, and five entries to win a free Badger. Last, but not least, is the ‘Honey Package’ that requires a $5,000 deposit and will secure an Executive Series variant of the Badger that is signed by Nikola boss Trevor Milton. This tier also locks in a $10,000 discount, two VIP backstage passes for Nikola World, and 25 entries to win a free Badger.

All deposits are fully refundable before November 1, 2020, but $250 of each deposit becomes non-refundable after that date.

The Nikola Badger will occupy a unique spot in the market as it will be available both as a battery-electric vehicle and a hydrogen fuel-cell vehicle. Prices for the electric variant will start at around $60,000, while the hydrogen model will be sold from $80,000. Both variants will have a peak output of 906 hp and 980 lb-ft (1,328 Nm) of torque.

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