No, A Tsunami Is Not On Its Way To Manasquan


MANASQUAN – Severe weather was expected in Manasquan on Tuesday, and perhaps later in the week. But not a tsunami.

An alerting siren malfunctioned this morning at approximately 8:15 a.m., falsely indicating a tsunami alert.

There is no such weather warning in effect for Manasquan, officials said.

The borough will investigate the cause of the false alert to avoid future false alerts.

Severe weather was expected in New Jersey on Tuesday, packing damaging winds, creating possible flooding and causing power outages.

More severe weather is expected later in the week as remnants of Tropical Storm Laura are expected to hit the state. Read more: Severe NJ Weather, Damaging Winds Possible: Here’s What To Expect

The tsunami warning alert is part of the Borough’s all hazard notification system that is designed to provide short-fused warnings for potentially life threatening situations.

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