Now Is The Time To Buy A Manual Car Before They Disappear


The number of cars on the road that have manual transmissions has decreased. This will be quite a shame as truly driving a car will become a lost art.

As technology has improved within the car industry, the fuel efficiency gap between automatic and manual transmissions has declined, resulting in less manual cars. It is time to buy one before it is too late.

Over the last several decades, the number of cars on the road that have manual transmissions has decreased. Gone are the vehicles that had the stick shift on the steering column. Before too long, most vehicles will not be made with a clutch and a stick shift. This will be quite a shame as truly driving a car will become a lost art. As the trend moves forward with driving while multitasking more frequently, some may think that having a stick shift will only get in the way.

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It is well known that texting while driving is a bad thing, a situation that can increase the likelihood of wrecking. Driving a manual would take texting out of the picture as both hands are required to successfully shift from one gear to another. Who knows, perhaps in the future there will be some study that shows that drivers that have manuals will have less chance of causing a wreak, as they are not distracted by the likes of texting. Eventually, this could lead to a reduction of insurance costs for those that drive a car with a manual transmission.

Here are some more reasons why you should get a manual car now.

Eventually, Only Expensive Sports Cars Will Have Manual Transmissions

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Soon everyday vehicles will only be automatic, leaving only ultra-expensive sports cars with stick shifts. Since 1995 the sales of cars with manual transmissions have dropped over 86%. Chances are this trend will continue as automatic transmission technology increases, allowing the transmission to switch from gear to gear in a timelier fashion. Sports car purists will continue to pay hefty sums to experience the pure driving pleasure that only a stick shift can provide.

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Knowing How To Drive A Manual Comes In Handy

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How many times have you been in a situation where no one can drive a stick shift? At some point in most people’s lives, only a stick shift vehicle will be available for use. It could be the result of a friend who had too much to drink, or perhaps you need to rent a truck and only a manual transmission is available. Regardless of the situation, eventually, the time will come when you will need to drive a manual car, so why not be prepared?

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It Is Fun To Drive A Stick Shift

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Revving an engine at a stoplight while in neutral, just waiting for the light to change so you can throw it into first gear is quite exhilarating. It is only with a stick shift that a driver can have total control over a vehicle, pressing down on the clutch while shifting precisely at the right time. There is nothing wrong with being fully engaged when driving. So, while you still have the chance, purchase a stick shift, and experience the road as it was meant to be.

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