Old pickup shifts gears, becomes garden masterpiece | Home & Garden


Planting beds also took some work because once the dirt was added, the bed of the truck started to sink, affecting the waterfall. Tim solved that problem, too.

Bonnie didn’t want the finished product to look too fancy, so she embellished the display with several varieties of daisies. Grasses and blooming plants like ivy that have a tendency to crawl add to the appeal.

They sourced parts of the display from all kinds of places.

Their four children gave them a sign with their last name for Christmas, and they used the timber from three large cedar trees to hang it in the display, which is lighted at night.

Bonnie says the icing on the cake was a 1928 Aeromotor windmill they found in mint shape in Kansas and hauled home. It took a month and a half for them to find someone to put the pieces back together.

“That’s the thing that finished it off,” Bonnie said. “I think we are finally done.”

Tanner Farm Chemicals, North Highway 281 and a phone number are still visible on the door of the truck, and the Kosmickis said it would be fun to find the previous owner. Maybe they’ll just happen to stop by some day.

Bonnie couldn’t resist more kudos for Tim, a “gear head” who kept coming up with innovative ideas to make her vision come true and keep her happy.

“My husband is a saint,” she said.

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