SOUTH ZANESVILLE – Shoppers poured into Ollie’s Bargain Outlet in South Zanesville on Thursday morning, welcoming the close-out chain to the region during the store’s grand opening.

Aided by a small army of red-shirted workers, shoppers explored aisles stocked with a range of products, from carpets to books to food and health products. Smiling down on them are caricatures of Oliver “Ollie” Rosenberg, who was one of the company’s four founding fathers.

Shoppers can expect the inventory to change over time. “We have trucks arriving three to four times a week, and we get new product in every time a truck comes in,” said Sharma Taylor, Ollie’s district manager.

The chain sells overstock items from other stores or items purchased from liquidators.

“Anything that is overproduced, or stores are closing, we buy it and sell it for a cheaper price,” said Taylor.

Founded in 1982 in Mechanicsburg Pennsylvania, Ollie’s has expanded to 374 stores in 25 states, according to its website. The South Zanesville store is located in South Point Shopping Center at 129 North Maysville Pike, near Sheetz.

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