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OTA program offers $4,000 for onboarding, driver mentorships – Truck News

A new Ontario Trucking Association (OTA) program will support the training of 500 job seekers and commercial drivers, giving employers $4,000 for each participant who completes related onboarding, additional training, and driver-to-driver mentorships.

Known as Explore Trucking Careers, the project will be administered by the non-profit Toronto Business Development Centre and supported by federal and provincial funding.

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“Support for training in our sector boosts employment and growth in our industry while bolstering road safety,” OTA chairman James Steed said in a press release. “It also pays dividends to all other sectors of the supply chain and economy that rely on transportation services to deliver products Ontarians rely on.”

“Ontario’s truck drivers are everyday heroes who keep food on tables and ensure our families and businesses get the goods and services they need most,” added Minister of Labour, Immigration, Training and Skills Development Monte McNaughton.

“Our government is proud to support programs like Explore Trucking Careers so more young people get a shot at landing bigger paycheques and purpose-driven work.”

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