Parking rates to decrease at Quebec’s health centres, max $10 per day


Parking rates at health centres across the province are about to change to ensure all Quebecers have equal access to services and to visiting loved ones receiving care, Health Minister Danielle McCann announced on Monday.

As of June 20, the first two hours of parking will be free in all of Quebec’s health centres and maximum daily rates will range between $7 and $10 depending on the region. 

“The differences were significant from one region to another and it was necessary to fix this situation,” McCann said in a press release. 

Currently, people who park in any of the province’s hospital lots may pay around $25 per day. 

Patients who regularly visit health centres for treatments like chemotherapy and dialysis will be able to benefit from reduced rates, which already exist in some health centres but will be uniform across the province as of next week. 

Long-term care homes will also offer free parking to two family members per resident. 

“The cost of parking should not be a concern when you want to visit or take care of a loved one staying in a CHSLD,” said Marguerite Blais, the province’s minister responsible for seniors and informal caregivers. “Thanks to this change, we have just removed a significant financial barrier which will help to improve the maintenance of family and social ties between people staying in CHSLDs and their loved ones.” 

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