Pensacola food truck owner, his father battle COVID-19 simultaneously


COVID-19 has suddenly and aggressively threatened to tear a Pensacola family apart, but it’s the tight-knit nature of that family that is keeping the threat at bay. 

Stelios Peterson, owner of the Greek’s Catering and Events food truck, and his father, Dean Peterson, have each spent portions of the past two weeks hospitalized with COVID-19. Dean, the former owner of Maria’s Seafood, is still admitted at West Florida Hospital where he is fighting the deadly virus. 

Cristin Peterson, Stelios’ wife, has spent the past two weeks in a hotel room, mostly alone, looking after her 1-year-old daughter Alexia as she comes up on the 38-week-mark of her second pregnancy. This convoluted family catastrophe is a result of COVID-19 and Hurricane Sally intersecting last week and impacting all pockets of the Peterson family’s lives. 

From left, Stelios Peterson, Dean Peterson -- holding Alexia Peterson -- and Pantelis Peterson pose for a photo at Alexia's baptism.

“It was the night before Hurricane Sally hit that Stelios came down with a fever and a scratch in his throat,” Cristin explained. “He thought, ‘Maybe I’m worn down.’ Because we had been up late trying to prepare for the storm, where to park the food truck, all of that sort of stuff. And he didn’t think much of it. But when the hurricane hit, he started to feel worse.” 

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