Peterson Manufacturing expands line of LED interior lighting


Peterson Manufacturing has expanded its line of LED interior lighting with the new 358 Series, a lower-profile, flat-back bar light for surface mounting to any trailer center ceiling, sidewall or utility tool compartment.

The USA-made 358 Series is patented to meet the interior lighting needs of cargo and utility bodies built with floor-to-ceiling storage systems along the sidewalls — where lights designed for upper corners don’t fit, the company says.

With the 358 Series, builders can ceiling-mount Peterson’s Great White LED lighting right down the center of the cargo space to flood shadowy interiors with even, distributed light.

Like its “sister” series — Peterson’s current 359 Cove Lights — the new 358s come in three bar lengths: 6-, 12- and 18-in., with the same outputs of 300, 500 and 1000 lumens, respectively. The multi-volt design is compatible with 12V and 24V systems, the company says.

Each model is available with either standard 7.5-in. stripped leads or terminated with .180 bullets. The 18-in. light features wires on both ends to accommodate daisy-chaining multiple lights. The optimized profile and flat mounting tabs on both ends of each bar screw-mount to flat surfaces.

The 358 lights feature an integral molded seal and are designed to meet IP67 ratings to resist dust, moisture and vapors, and are suitable for exterior use.

All three models work with the optional 5600 Series Timer Box Switch for controlling Peterson’s LED interior lighting with programmable, push-button ease, Peterson says.

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