Phillips releases X-TEND tracker bar extension


Phillips Industries is expanding X-TEND cable support products, releasing the new X-TEND Day Cab tracker bar extension for tractor model applications with back windows.

A recent change in North American freight movement is increasing the ratio of day cab utilization versus sleepers. To address this shift, Phillips Industries says it is reviewing its products to ensure its back-of-cab offerings are applicable for both day cabs and popular sleepers.

The X-TEND’s design prevents damage and decreases driver distraction from cables banging up against the back of the cab by extending them out an additional 8 in. from the tracker bar.  This type of cable support increases a tractor’s resale value, avoids costs for associated repairs and increases driver safety, the company says.

The X-TEND Day Cab tracker bar extension uses the same concept and design as the original, except with an increased length support bar that allows the support bracket to rest lower, below a window. It does not require any mounting hardware and is easy to install, the company says.

Two sizing options are available for use with either a 3/4 in. or 1 in. diameter tracker bar. The X-TEND Day Cab offers durability and corrosion resistance with a non-corrosive mounting and support bracket and stainless-steel metal tubing and eye hook. Soft cushion foam padding on the back of the nylon support bracket prevents damage when rested against the cab’s metal surface, Phillips says.

Both the original X-TEND for sleepers (17-3000 & 17-3001) as well as the new X-TEND Day Cab (17-3500 and 17-3501) are currently available from Phillips’ authorized dealers.

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