Phillips Tech Tips focuses on gladhand features and key differentiation


Phillips Industries has released its June issue of its Tech Tips monthly technical bulletin.

This month’s issue addressed polarized gladhands — how they can be identified, how they are different from other gladhands and how they should be used.

Phillips notes in most cases it can be hard to notice a difference between different types of gladhands. But subtle differences do have an impact on where and how they are used. The company says specialty polarized gladhands exist to service and emergency air lines. The units, which are keyed with stoppers or arms, only allow a connection with the correct corresponding gladhand, avoiding cross-connections. Additionally, polarized gladhands also feature color-coded connector plates. Gladhand seals and air lines can also be color-coded to offer further visual references ensuring red connects to red and blue to blue.

This is different from universal gladhands, which do not have the same fit and function and are generic and devoid of keyed stoppers and arms, and colorcoding.

“With universal gladhands, there is a significantly higher risk of cross-connection,” the company says. “For those that do choose to use universal gladhands, pay extra attention when coupling to the service and emergency lines on the trailer. When using universal products, adding colored gladhand seals or colored grips to the cables can aid in making an air line’s function more visible.”

For more information, and to read this month’s issue, please CLICK HERE.

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