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Spotted by a reader in Thailand, a video of a pickup truck being used to lift bags of concrete to a second storey balcony on a construction site in Phuket.

Probably not the worst example of poor practice we have ever seen in South East Asia, especially given the pickup truck weighs up to two tonnes and it is being used to lift bags that weigh no more than 20kg. The lift mechanism leaves a lot to be desired however, including the quality of the rope and also the questionable rigging and use of the wooden crate. The risk of a dropped load or the man on the balcony falling if it all gives way are also fairly high.

To be fair this isn’t too far removed from the more traditional way of lifting materials that is often adopted in South East Asia using a small engine powered winch – and compared to some of those this is probably safer. And it does show some ingenuity.

In spite of those caveats it still qualifies for our Death Wish series.

Have a safe weekend!

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