Popular Bay Area food truck ‘Momolicious’ stolen from Emeryville


EMERYVILLE, Calif. (KRON) — A popular Bay Area food truck, named Momolicious, was stolen from Emeryville Wednesday night.

It happened while the owners were preparing food at their commissary kitchen, located at Overland Avenue and 63rd street.

On top of the financial struggles of the pandemic, the owners say this is a huge hit to their business.

You can usually spot the Momolicious food truck in San Francisco, along the Embarcadero.

But Wednesday night in Emeryville was the last time it was seen, just two days before the truck’s 3rd anniversary of its opening day.

“It’s never happened before,” Anup Bajracharya said. “I mean I’ve never heard of a food truck being stolen before.”

That all changed Wednesday night, when someone stole Bajracharya’s food truck from its commissary kitchen in Emeryville.

“We were cooking our food for tomorrow, getting ready, everything prepped and loaded and when we came out the truck was gone,” Bajracharya said.

Bajracharya says it happened within just 30 minutes.

The popular San Francisco food truck – Momolicious- is known for its traditional nepali flavors…and of course, its momo’s, which are a type of dumpling.

While Bajracharya and his co-owner just got a second truck, he says losing this one is a huge hit to their business.

“It’s gonna affect our business,” he said. “I mean we’re going to be losing a lot of markets so yeah that’s going to affect us.”

That’s on top of the already difficult times of operating a business during the pandemic.

“We operate mostly in San Francisco and before there were a lot of office people coming to eat lunch and now a lot of people are trying to stay home,” he said.

Bajracharya believes whoever did this may live in the area and know their routine.

“People in Bay Area and everywhere they work hard for their living and it takes like 17, 18 hours, sometimes 20 hours a day to work in the food truck if you have multiple shifts,” he said. “We work daily. We work hard. We make our living and we live here and I would say people to not do this kind of work. Instead let’s find a job.”

If you’ve recently seen the truck or have any information, please call Emeryville police or Momolicious.

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