Ram Wants To Fight Tesla And Rivian With Electric Truck


The pure-electric pickup truck segment is set to positively explode over the coming years, expanding from nil to a full, crowded market as vehicles like the Tesla Cybertruck, Lordstown Endurance, Rivian R1T, Bollinger B2, Ford F-150 Electric, and GMC Hummer burst onto the scene. One automaker that’s been conspiculously silent in the midst of all this activity is Fiat Chrysler Automobiles, although CEO Mike Manley says that isn’t because the company hasn’t taken notice.

“The reason we haven’t spoken much about electric pickup trucks is not because we view that market as nonexistent,” Manley said on a recent earnings call. “But we’ve always had a slightly different view of timing and adoption rates, particularly in North America in terms of full electrification. We are very committed to our electrification strategy.”

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