Ram won’t make an electric pickup — yet


With the entire world going toward electric pickup trucks these days, one brand is decidedly cautious about the movement. That brand is FCA, and their Ram truck division will remain gasoline and diesel-driven for the next while.

According to The Detroit News, CEO of Fiat Chrysler Automobiles, Mike Manley said: “The reason we haven’t spoken much about electric pickup trucks is not because we view that market as nonexistent, but we’ve always had a slightly different view of timing and adoption rates, particularly in North America in terms of full electrification.”

The Ram brand sold almost 90,000 trucks in Canada alone in 2019, and over 630,000 in the United States. Manley said in a conference call that the brand would take a wait-and-see approach to electrification for its popular truck brand.

Instead of diving headfirst into EVs, Manley says that FCA is more focussed on adding electrification to Jeeps, which is a global brand, as opposed to the more-domestic Ram brand. Jeep has already teased plug-in versions of its Compass and Renegade, as well as the Wrangler 4xe.

The automaker has already dipped its feet into EVs with vehicles like the battery-electric Fiat 500 and the upcoming Maserati Granturismo. FCA is also merging with European auto group PSA, which handles Peugeot, Citroën, DS, Opel, and Vauxhall brands. The group will be called “Stellantis”, and will be the source of a modular EV platform that FCA can use to enter the subcompact and compact markets.

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