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MUSCLE SHOALS — Two weeks ago Miranda Ball purchased a food truck that she hopes to get licensed to use in the Shoals and beyond.

The owner of Alabama Bliss Bistro met with the City Council members Monday night to explain how she planned to operate the truck to meet lunch and dinner needs in the city.

Currently, the city doesn’t issue business licenses to food trucks, according to City Clerk Ricky Williams. But the council agreed to take Ball’s request under advisement.

Ball remains optimistic that she can get licensed this year for Muscle Shoals.

The truck, which was in operation in Moulton (where Ball delivers food) before she purchased it, received its approved health inspection on Wednesday.

Some of the requirements include proper refrigeration with thermometers, a hand-washing sink and a dish-washing sink.

“It’s a really nice truck, and it’s not going to be set up at places for eight hours,” she said. “We’re more of a delivery service looking at serving businesses and industries during the lunch and supper hours.”

Ball said it’s her understanding that now that she has health department approval, she can take the truck to any city or county that allows it.

Ball said her plan is to serve Colbert, Franklin, and Lauderdale counties. She is seeking business licenses in cities within those counties.

“I’m just going to follow all the rules,” she said. “This is just an offshoot of my business, really, serving our signature dishes, like the chicken salad and other sandwiches, coffee, fruit tea and smoothies. We want to take it to a different place each day. We feel like it serves a need.”

There is no cooking equipment on the truck, and Ball said that was never the intended use for it anyway.

“It will really just make my catering easier,” she said. “It certainly won’t be our main business.”

In addition to lunch and dinner meals, she plans to offer take-and-bake meals for various businesses.

She will be setting up in Sheffield, outside Helen Keller Hospital next week, she said.

“We’re not seeking a permanent location in the sense of a traditional food truck operation,” she said. “It’s just a roaming truck set up in specific locations, and it’s just to help out these communities.”

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