Ryder will begin offering C-Series Workhorse electric step van


Workhorse Group announced that Ryder System will begin offering the C-Series Workhorse all-electric step van through the company’s ChoiceLease and SelectCare product lines, as well as for short-term rentals on COOP by Ryder.

As part of the North America rollout, Ryder will place the first group of Workhorse C-1000 vehicles through COOP, a peer-to-peer truck sharing platform, connecting fleet managers to businesses that are looking to rent vehicles.

In addition, the Workhorse electric vehicles will be offered for longer-term leases to the Ryder customer base with service and charging capabilities available out of Ryder’s 11-facility charge network across California. This includes two recently upgraded facilities in Fontana and Northridge, Calif., that feature the latest ABB DC fast chargers installed by Ryder’s infrastructure partner In-Charge Energy, according to the announcement.

Through the initial deployment on COOP, Ryder will offer Workhorse C-1000 electric step vans, allowing COOP Renters to experience the new C-1000 in actual routes.

“We see immediate opportunities for customers to realize the benefits of our electric vehicles and turnkey infrastructure model, starting with the Workhorse C-Series van, as it fulfills a huge need in this new economy where demand for electric last mile delivery vehicles continues to increase,” says Chris Nordh, senior director, Advanced Vehicle Technology & Energy Products, Ryder System.

“COOP is the perfect launch platform for new technology vehicles such as the Workhorse C-Series electric van as it provides customers the ability to try the vehicles in various markets without any long-term commitment. Our customers have already expressed a strong interest in Workhorse’s vehicles, and we are excited to bring this program forward,” Nordh says.

Workhorse CEO Duane Hughes says, “Ryder is a strong leader in offering unique, ground-breaking solutions for electric vehicle operations. We have delivered their first two C-1000s and are very excited to partner with them in offering our electric C-Series vehicles to their customers across the country. We are confident that we will be seeing new orders soon once their customers see the revolutionary nature of our products are and how accessible they are through Ryder.”

The C-1000 Workhorse electric van offers 1,000 cu. ft. of cargo space, weighing in at approximately 13,000 lb. when fully-loaded. The composite body is lighter than aluminum, is powered by a modular battery pack system and features a new low-floor platform for easy in and out access that makes it more convenient for the driver. The van is also equipped with an onboard Metron proprietary telematics system, enabling the user to track and monitor performance in real time. The standard C-1000 delivers nearly 100 miles of range and (37 MPGe), the company says.

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