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Safe Driver Week leads to 2,634 tickets and citations – Truck News

Law enforcement teams in Canada and the U.S. issued 4,592 warnings and 2,634 tickets and citations to commercial vehicle drivers July 10 to 16 as part of the Commercial Vehicle Safety Alliance’s (CVSA) Operation Safe Driver Week.

Another 1,164 warnings and 1,860 tickets and citations were issued to passenger vehicle drivers.

Canadian officers issued 263 warnings and 376 citations and tickets to commercial vehicle drivers.

Speeding, which was a special focus during the annual enforcement and awareness initiative, was the top infraction overall. It accounted for 1,594 warnings and 731 tickets and citations for commercial drivers in Canada and the U.S., while their passcar counterparts received 625 warnings and 1,293 citations and tickets.

Transport Canada estimates that speeding and driving too fast accounted for 25.3% of fatal roadway crashes in 2020.

CVSA sanctions
(Chart: CVSA)

But other state and local driver violations were behind 859 tickets and citations and 1,357 warnings for commercial vehicle drivers. These included issues such as no registration certificate, no proof of insurance, size and weight violations, and defective equipment.

Those added to 455 warnings and 467 tickets and citations for not wearing a seatbelt. The U.S. Federal Motor Carrier Administration estimates 14% of commercial motor vehicle drivers don’t wear the restraints. Nearly half of all large truck occupants not wearing a seat belt in 2020 crashes died, CVSA adds.

Distracted driving was an issue as well. Commercial drivers received 156 warnings and 132 tickets and citations for texting or using handheld devices at the wheel. The odds of being involved in a “safety-critical event” like a crash or lane deviation increase six-fold when dialing a mobile phone, CVSA says, citing U.S. Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration research.

The Top 5 issues were rounded out by failing to obey a traffic control device – leading to 685 warnings and 296 tickets and citations for commercial drivers.

Next year’s Operation Safe Driver Week is scheduled July 7-13, 2024.

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