Scout Campers’ newest Kenai truck camper that can sleep 6

  • Scout Campers, which specializes in off-grid hardshell pickup truck campers, has launched its newest and largest model: the Kenai.
  • The $23,625 camper has a bathroom space, mudroom, and three designated sleeping areas with an optional roof tent.
  • Several aspects of the Kenai are optional or customizable, including the toilet type and storage-related amenities.
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Scout Campers, which specializes in off-grid pickup truck campers, has announced its third and largest model: the Kenai.

The Washington-based company first launched in April with its Olympic camper and plans to later unveil two more models, the Yoho and Kenai.

Two months later in late June, the Yoho was unveiled, making this recently announced Kenai camper the company’s latest release. 

All three campers have arrived on the market at a time in which both RV and camper van conversion companies have reported an increase in interest and sales despite the coronavirus pandemic’s presence in the US. But unlike these RV and van-specific companies, Scout Campers takes advantage of pickup trucks, the country’s most popular vehicle type, at a less expensive price compared to other tiny homes on wheels despite offering many of the same perks.

The Kenai, which starts at $23,625, is both the largest and most fleshed out camper of all three in Scout’s lineup. It also has three separate sleeping spaces, including an optional rooftop tent, that allows it to accommodate up to four to six people when placed atop a half-ton or one-ton, short or long box truck.

Like all Scout units, the hardshell Kenai is customizable, off-grid capable, and has portable amenities that can be used both inside and outside the camper. But unlike the company’s prior models, this new 1,370-pound tiny home on wheels has a bathroom space, mud room, extra storage, and a queen bed.

See inside the tiny home on pickup truck wheels, which is now available for pre-order:

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