Scout Campers’s $19,000 Yoho pickup truck camper that that can sleep four people

  • Scout Campers has released its second pickup truck camper, the $19,240 Yoho 6.0 that can sleep up to four people.
  • The Yoho can be placed on the bed of a mid-size pickup truck like the Toyota Tacoma or Ford Ranger.
  • Yoho’s interior includes a kitchenette-like area, a bed, and a dinette that can convert into another sleeping space.
  • The camper can function off-grid by using its solar panels and lithium power station.
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Scout Campers has released its second model this year: the Scout Yoho 6.0 camper unit that can sit on a mid-size truck bed for $19,240.

The Scout is a “backpack for a truck,” according to its maker, in part because it carries several camper essentials, such as an enclosed sleeping space, lights, and a dining area. This allows the unit to have the same components of a camper van with the bonus of being pickup truck-capable. 

The 913-pound camper was built with the intention of allowing it to be placed on mid-size trucks like the Toyota Tacoma and Ford Ranger, turning a pickup into a #VanLife-approved camper. Its lightweight build — which is achieved by using aluminum for its frame and fiberglass for the exterior and roof — sets Yoho up to be one of the most portable hard-wall truck campers available in the market, according to its maker. 

Yoho is Scout Campers’ second build. Its official announcement comes just on the heels of the company’s first product, the Olympic, a $19,980 six-person capable camper that can also be placed on a pickup truck.

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