Shanghai amends policy on pickup truck registration


Ti Gong

Sun Hao (left), director of the pickup vehicle department at SAIC Maxus, stands with Zhu Jianguo, Shanghai’s first buyer to benefit from a policy change on pickup truck registration.

The first buyer of a pickup truck in Shanghai has received his license plate on Thursday after the city recently changed its registration policies on such vehicles.

On July 10, authorities announced that the city would further relax registration conditions for pickup trucks. Under recent changes, pickup trucks can be classed as passenger trucks with license plates beginning with the letter C.

Trucks with such plates are allowed to travel outside the Outer Ring Road of the city, which means buyers can drive their trucks in Shanghai’s suburbs.

According to past regulations, pickup trucks were only allowed to apply for registration under the city’s small truck quota. The number of available truck plates was previously very limited, and trucks were prohibited from certain roads without special permits.

Shanghai’s first truck buyer to benefit from the new policy, Zhu Jianguo, bought a pickup from Shanghai-based automaker SAIC Maxus.

SAIC Maxus said that the new policy is an advantage to its pickup product lines.

Pickups that have already been registered are not allowed to re-apply for a new license plate according to the new regulation. The regulation applies to new vehicles bought after July 10.

In 2020, the Ministry of Commerce, the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology and other national ministries and commissions have emphasized further easing of restrictions on pickup trucks into cities to boost automobile consumption.

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