Solar power-generating pickup truck covers? Who knew?


Worksport, the manufacturer of Tonneau covers and accessories for trucks, has debuted TerraVis, a platform for versatile and cost-effective pickup truck solar power. The system combines the tonneau covers with a solar generation and energy storage system.

Solar panels built into the cover will collect the sun’s rays and store energy in multiple battery banks. The stored energy can be used to provide power to an electric motor or removed and used remotely.

A solar power-generating pickup truck bed cover is new to the market.

Worksport is excited to launch the website with this preliminary information, as this is a system that not only has the power to revolutionize truck use now, but also to carry over into future developments,” said WKSP CEO, Steven Rossi.

New Solar Power Pickup Truck Source

“Everyone is moving toward solar power and renewable energy sources and so is the pickup truck market. Our system is being designed to, among other things, provide a meaningful source of energy for the new wave of electric trucks.”

Pickup truck bed covers generate solar power.
Pickup truck bed covers generate solar power.

Worksport is discussing partnerships of the TerraVis technology system, with several manufacturers.

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