Spike of truck thefts in Pierce County hits couple traveling the country


At least seven Ford Super Duty trucks were stolen during a 48-hour period in Pierce County. Five have been recovered, but one couple is still desperately searching.

Pierce County detectives are warning the public after a rash of vehicle thefts over the weekend. 

According to the Puget Sound Auto Theft Task Force, at least seven Ford Super Duty trucks were stolen during a 48-hour period. Five of the stolen trucks have since been recovered. 

For one of the victims, thieves took much more than just a truck, they took a couple’s home. 

“It hasn’t really fully sunk in for me yet,” said Jarud Crandall. 

Crandall and his partner Ching Fu have been travelling the country in their 1999 Ford F-250 truck and camping trailer for five years. 

“We’re totally committed to a mobile lifestyle, so yeah, that truck is everything,” said Crandall. 

This summer, the couple stopped off in Pierce County to visit friends and wait out the pandemic. 

Plans changed even more when Fu parked the couple’s truck in the REI parking lot in Tacoma. 

“It was the middle of the day. It was, I think, three in the afternoon, and she went into the store. She parked in a popular area, there were people walking around outside, there were lines around the stores because people have to space out to get in, all that sort of thing. And when she came back, it was gone,” said Crandall.

Crandall said thieves were seen on surveillance video.

“They basically just drove up next to it, got in possibly to the back window and then drove away,” said Crandall. 

Turns out, Crandall and Fu weren’t the only victims. 

“It sounds like our particular truck is a bit of a target,” said Crandall. 

According to a recent Insurify report, the most popular stolen vehicle in Washington is the Honda Civic. Nationwide, pickup trucks are the vehicle models of choice. 

Thefts of older model Ford pickups, in particular, are rising because of the design of the security features. 

Detectives are still searching for at least two other trucks that were stolen over the weekend. 

Meanwhile, the couple’s red F-250 is still out there. The truck is described as a Supercab F-250, Nevada license plates 920-F83. The truck has four bike racks on top of the cab, with a black plastic hood deflector. 

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